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  1. a simple versatile load carrier, the ‘donky bike' by ben wilson is designed for urban living, offering an easy way to transport cargo around town. 
    the utility vehicle has been conceived, considering the load-carrying designs of the nethlerlands in combination with the strength and simplicity 
    of BMX components, resulting in a compact two-wheeler which has a strong, durable frame with low-maintenance components which can be 
    universally replaced and repaired.

    the bike features a square-section beam which carries the overall load set-upon it, and offers a platform in which front and rear attachments 
    can be connected easily, supported on 20” wheels. there is ease of handling and steering even at low speeds through traffic, and loaded with goods. 
    the key to easy riding is to transfer the weight down through the frame without ‘hanging’ your cargo on the handlebars.

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